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Thursday, April 27, 2006
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One thing my father said when I was real young, that always stuck true to me, was in noting that the most dangerous sort of people – in regards to stirring up trouble and raining down misery – are those who have too much time on their hands. Nothing rings more true as time goes on. For those types, email is a glorious way of making trouble, with little or no opportunuty cost for them. Thus there are these losers out there that simply exist to write people, hassle, complain, get nasty, cuss, call names, and trivialize each and every thing possible.

One thing I get sick of is the emails from my articles that are not conversational, unique, interesting, or constructively critical, but rather, they are so obviously from the fingers of some bored monkey who can’t stand me, so no matter what I do, they are simply wanting to attack. Today I received an email about a citation I made in this piece about Henry George on the tariff question, nastily bitching about my preference for a particular citation. He sent me numerous emails, yammering on and on about nothing, giving me the usual, hyper-aggressive, multiple-question crap meant to convey arrogance and personal spite. The moron was the usual type: once you returned the email, he was right back at ya in two minutes or less, hyperventilating to the max.

I’ve always wondered: do these people not work? Or are their jobs so candy-ass that they have the time to feed their need for constant turmoil and hate?

What’s my point? News on that front: if you think of sending me nasty, sarcastic, angry, hateful emails like that, don’t. If you are one of the very few that I even bother to answer with the same sarcastic tone, it is well-documented that I will surely be receiving a reply saying, “How dare you talk to me like that!” And you, then, will be furiously typing away to email me over and over and over, no matter how much I ignore you.

These people are not so few and far in between, unfortunately. I get *tons* of good emails – both agreeable and disagreeable – and I oftentimes cannot get to those as I’d like to. The time just runs out on me. I have over 1,000 in the chute right now. And these emails are what I will make time for.

So don’t send me your filthy bullcrap or condescending sarcasm – I won’t bother with it. And don’t even think of machine-gunning five emails in ten minutes my way, because you sit doing nothing at your job, and you assume everyone else lives the same way. You will be blocked after #2. Waste your time elsewhere. My days are 19-20 hours, every day, except for an occasional Sunday off or time spent traveling. I am not gaining utility from your joyous tit-for-tat, thus I care not to purchase it. Go sell it somewhere else, please.

For those of you good folks that have written in the no-hate mode and have not been replied to, my apologies, for at some point I will get to most of them.

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