BMI (Body Mass Indicator) is a Tool of the Medical Corporatocracy

Thursday, January 4, 2018
Posted in category Health Tyranny

I’m surprised when I see libertarian-ish types uphold the Body Mass Index (BMI), a very controversial health indicator, as an “accurate estimator of health status and disease risk” (said one blogger). BMI was a simplistic tool that evolved as insurance actuaries tried to understand the relationship between increasing weight/obesity of policyholders and mortality. It was developed in the early 19th century to assemble statistics on causes of death, and it was the bastard Ancel Keys that used it in the modern era to vindicate his bastardization of science. After that, BMI became a tool of the medical-pharmaceutical-industrial-governmental complex as a means to enrich their politicized, rent-seeking agendas at the expense of ignoring real health markers.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC), two evil and criminal government organizations, have since corrupted that already-useless statistic to the point where it has become a determinant in how individual health is perceived, diagnosed, and treated (read: drugs and government-funded, science-less “evidence-based medicine”). So yes, it has become a tool of the corrupt and profiteering corporatocracy. Without a body fat measurement (or knowledge of hip-to-waist ratio and body fat placement, such as the midsection/visceral fat), BMI is nothing more than a somewhat useful indicator at a very high level.

Multiple studies have already shown large percentages of “high-BMI” individuals to be *healthy* when measured by other, more redeeming health metrics. Trotting out the BMI as meaningful and scientific is an unenlightened defense of the governmentized medical establishment.


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