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Monday, August 29, 2005
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I might be few more days to blogging again. I am having some strange errors, at times, plus, I have my blogmaster working on updating my Movable Type; cleaning up myriad blog things; and generally, just bringing the blog up to all the latest and greatest. This will precede my total website update and redesign, which is to come in September, most likely. I hope to have my photo site going up at about the same time, or shortly thereafter.

In addition, I am remodeling the house, too, which is a major, major undertaking. The kitchen is first, and that has been a shambles for about 10 days. I have a *huge* refrigerator, and having that massive thing in the living room all week is not the most pleasant of circumstances. I’ve had no stove (on-and-off), no TV (who cares?), and I live pretty much in either a small, open square (4×4) of the living room, next to all my kitchen stuff, or, I stay in my study. I’m feeling claustrophobic, not to mention it’s starting to get stressful and inadequate.

But the all-new, art deco-retro kitchen is looking positively wonderful, as well as the stairwell down to the basement. Then after I take a final exam in 10 days, I disconnect the computer for a few days, tear apart the study, and move it to the big bedroom at the back of the house. That bedroom then gets moved to the current (rather small) study. My study space will thus double in size. My books will be able to breathe again.

Then I’ll have the whole interior of the house painted (more discombobulation). Lots of textures, dark colors, etc. It’ll all be a modern sort of art deco, in a retro sense. Make sense? I’ve got some very unique – but pleasant-looking – furniture picked out. I’m definitely not into the traditional, stodgy look.

Then the carpets – all of them – get ripped up. I’ll have the hardwood floors underneath stripped and refinished, with gorgeous area rugs strewn throughout. I don’t ever want to look at carpeting again. I hate it. I’m going for the high-gloss, colorful-and-inviting, low-maintenance thing. The next few months are going to be very disorganized.

No more vacuuming dog hair. Hallelujah.

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