Blame Government!: Radley Balko has

Wednesday, August 21, 2002
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Blame Government!: Radley Balko has written a superb piece on the USDA, its food tables, and the horrors of its special interest-influenced food “recommendations”. He gets to the “meat” of the issue by proclaiming that the American propensity toward Adult Type II diabetes is due to the disgusting, uninformed eating habits taken on by Americans. I wrote on this issue last year, and basically, I noted that the whole “lowfat”, “fat-free”, or “no-fat” campaign was an idiotic scam that replaced healthy, protein-filled foods with carbs galore, and hence, processed sugars.

Since the 1980′s, the low-fat diet hysteria has produced an amazing backpedaling in terms of the quality of nutrition Americans are taking in, and the amount of weight they are taking on. It’s no secret that we live in the fattest society on earth, and it’s obvious why that is so to those that are informed. The cause of these afflictions is fairly obvious: the rich American diet based in sugars.

Much of the mainstream medical establishment, along with the doomsayer media, endorsed this low-fat uprising some two decades ago. “Fat kills” we were all told. “Throw out your meat and your eggs and bacon!” was the common tip to better health. Actually, this whole diet/low-fat revolution was about saying, “Hey look, there’s no fat (or very low fat) in this here food…and therefore it

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