Bill Gates Supports Fascism With His Money

Sunday, July 27, 2008
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He is teaming up with the fascist Bloomberg to stop people from smoking “around the globe.” This is no private initiative. Bloomberg, as mayor of New York, is well-positioned to use government to make this happen.

The mayor’s initiative supports efforts to increase the tobacco tax, transform the glamorized image of tobacco, help people quit and protect nonsmokers from secondhand exposure.

“The reality is that all the money in the world will never eradicate tobacco use and that this problem is too big for any one person or organization to solve,” Bloomberg said.

“It’s going to take a sustained commitment by government, community organizations and the entire global health community, including those who fund it.”

This article mentions countries where “something” has been done already, and in each case it’s a government law, somewhere, that does something to ban or discourage smoking. According to Bloomberg, a world without tobacco “is a world in which people live longer and have happier lives.” Am I the only person who gets pissed off when I read this kind of crap? Who is Michael Bloomberg to judge other peoples’ happiness and determine what does or doesn’t make them happy? Does anyone else stop and note that we can’t possibly collectivize happiness? Of course, we are talking about a man who believes that a centralized government owns your life and is responsible for determining what you should or should not be doing with your life.

Bloomberg is perhaps one of the worst offenders of individual freedom who is currently in a political position to empower government at the expense of individuals. His perch atop NYC is bad enough, but he enjoys using his wads of money to fund interventionist government efforts around the globe to extend fascist government policies and crush individual liberties. Bloomberg loves power, and he loves to control everything around him, and so the stench of his rottenness has no end in sight.

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