Big Food Player Gives Way to GMO Pressures

Monday, March 21, 2016

General Mills feels “forced” to roll out GMO labeling in products across the national spectrum because the state of Vermont stepped forward and became the first state to require GMO labeling. The decision was made by the company because of the cost of complying with individual states, each with their own laws. But don’t worry – as the article states, “Federal regulators have approved the genetically modified crops currently in the market.” Alas, we can stop worrying and spend time on something more worthwhile like buying stuff and investing in the stock market bubble. A quote from the Wall Street GMO Journal article is pretty telling in its substance:

He said he is still hopeful that Congress will pass a national law that would supersede such state laws, but the company had to move ahead to comply with Vermont.

So once again, state’s rights don’t matter. A huge special interest power, the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association, has been behind the campaign to convince the Feds to overrun the states on this issue. The Big Food Machine wants only the federal government to rule on this issue because they can control the output by buying politicians and organizations, funding special interests, and steering the content of the laws.

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