Biden & Big Cancer: “a sustained national commitment…”

Thursday, October 22, 2015
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Joe Biden has announced he will “dedicate” himself to “fighting cancer,” yet no one in the media dares to ask for this action to be strictly defined. Journalists take happy notes, write it up, trust all is well and honest, and send it on down the publishing hole.

“I’m going to spend the next 15 months in this office pushing as hard as I can to accomplish this,” the vice president said from the White House Rose Garden, flanked by his wife Jill and President Barack Obama.. “Because I know there are Democrats and Republicans on the Hill who share our passion, our passion to silence this deadly disease.”

“If I could have been anything, I would have wanted to be the president that ended cancer,” Biden added. “Because it’s possible.”

The Obama regime has proposed another $1 billion – yes, billion – per year to throw at the NIH (National Institutes of Health) for “fighting cancer.” Biden is conveniently using his son’s death from cancer as a sympathy card. The NIH already throws about $5.5 billion per year at cancer, if you care to look at these astounding numbers. Over 40 years ago Nixon declared his war on cancer, gave this war a federal stamp, and Big Cancer was officially commenced. Cancer is the profit margin darling of the medical establishment and cancer centers are turning patients into profit centers by treating the symptoms, not curing the disease. The medical-pharmaceutical-industrial complex, along with its cancer industry, is entirely a creation of the state.

In the video below, Dr. Walter Bortz, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Stanford, who has written 130+ peer-reviewed journal articles, freely admits that “Nobody’s out there trying to prevent cancer, they’re all so busy treating it because you get paid for it.” He takes to quoting Dr. Jerome Kassirer’s book when he says “the entire medical system is corrupt.” Kassirer is no small potato – he is the former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine. I highly recommend Kassirer’s book: On the Take: How Medicine’s Complicity With Big Business Can Endanger Your Health. A used copy is one cent + shipping. One thing missing from the book is an economist’s explanation of the fact that it is *not* big business, but rather, a government-corporate alliance that subverts free markets and enables and institutionalizes rent-seeking and corruption in the Cancer Industry.

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