AT&T Scam

Tuesday, June 29, 2004
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AT&T will pay $400,000 in penalties and costs and issue refunds to as many as 311,000 New York residents who were billed for long-distance telephone service they neither requested nor used.

When they brought the error to AT&T’s attention, customers “endured long waiting periods, were often given inaccurate information and were subjected to aggressive sales tactics,” according to Spitzer’s office. Some customers who were told the problem was fixed continued to be billed or received past-due notices.

The reason I point this out is that it happened to me. I got on the phone with AT&T, following a bill I got from them, and they gave me this long story of all I’d have to go through to “cancel” the long-distance service (that I never had). I told them to stick it, and eventually stopped getting bills from them. Easy.

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