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Wednesday, March 12, 2003
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Assorted Ramblings: I’d tell you that the Freemasons are going “public”, but it’s a secret. Don’t tell ‘em I told ya.

Now for Music: My latest and greatest CDs that are getting lots of play these days:

** Johnny Cash - American Recordings – The first in his series of (4) recordings for American Recordings, this one is the best of ‘em.

** Ralph Stanley & the Cinch Mountain BoysMan of Constant Sorrow – The premier mountain singer, the guy still has it after all these years. Oh Death, sung acapella by Stanley, is perfectly suited to his mournful, scratchy style.

** Righteous Brothers - Anthology - This 2-CD anthology by Rhino showcases what I believe to be the greatest talent in the history of pop. The Righteous Brothers go well beyond the few radio hits; they have an entire catalog of remarkable, blue-eyed soul/pop, and this anthology barely touches on it. Songs like Stranded in the Middle of Noplace and Try to Find Another Man are phenomenal tunes. By the way, glad to finally see those guys make it into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, even though that whole thing is essentially a worthless sham.

** Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet - Dim the Lights, Chill the Ham - If you like the 60s surf sound, this is the 90s version, from a Toronto-based band. Fun guitar instrumentals.

** Norman Blake - Far Away, Down on a Georgia Farm - Unarguably one of the greatest acoustic guitarists ever, Blake still makes music I want to buy.

** MermenA Glorious Lethal Euphoria - A nouveau surf/heavy metal band, these guys are creative and original.

** DvorakSymphonies 8 & 9 – The Budapest Festival Orchestra.

** Spanic Boys - Spanic Family Album - Country/Rockabilly/American Heartland Rock ‘n’ Roll. These guys are unknown and awesome.

** Van Morrison - Days Like This - The title track is worth the price of the whole CD, but the rest is excellent, as well – as is any Morrison recording.

** Kathy Kosins - All in a Dream’s Work - She’s a local Detroit gal. Some of the sweetest, most precious jazz singing I’ve heard. This gal rocks.

** Little Feat - Representing the Mambo – I don’t like all of their music, but this one ranks among my favorite CDs.

** Cat Stevens - The Very Best of Cat Stevens - A newer, better Cat Stevens anthology; dump your old one.

** BeethovenThe Late String Quartets - Perfection.

** Ace Records - Golden Age of Rock and Roll - Now up to ten volumes, this represents the best of the non-British 50s and 60s charted pop music (mostly 50s). Some of it is obscure charted music from this era (which I collect). There’s also the new “special country music edition.”

** The British Invasion - The History of British Rock - I have all nine volumes, and this is the only British Invasion I’m in favor of.

** Chris IsaakSan Francisco Days – This is the album that turned me on to this guy. Years later, I’m still listening to it.

** Booker T. and the MGs - That’s the Way It Should Be - Released in the 90s, it’s a funky instrumental collection of new songs by the old standbys.

** Guitar Player Presents Rock - Legends of Guitar - I’ve got this whole set: 50s, 60s, 70s, blues, surf, classical, and country. I play this stuff over and over.

** The Revels - Celtic Roads: Through Ireland Scotland & Brittany - A tempered Celtic sound.

** Henry Flynt - Rag Electric - He’s different, but this eclectic guy won’t disappoint those with eclectic taste.

** American Baroque Plays Telemann - A wonderful Dorian recording.

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