Assault(s) By Badge: Local Roundup

Wednesday, February 3, 2016
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The Detroit media is saturated, this week, with a rash of stories involving police abuse of power. In Inkster, ex-officer William Melendez was sentenced to prison for the brutal beating of Floyd Dent, an unarmed man who was dragged out of his car and tased, punched, and kicked during a traffic stop. (See video below.) Thanks to the power of social media and public backlash, the police chief was forced out of his job earlier this year. If you turn to the 28-second spot of the 2nd video in this story, you’ll see the buffoons back at the station, mocking Dent, his injuries, and his reaction to the gang beating.

In nearby Dearborn, the police currently have two cases pending where unarmed citizens were killed by their assailants-in-blue. Just last week Janet Wilson, who was unarmed, was murdered in her car after she left a mall where she had a run-in with security. The Medical Examiner ruled the death a homicide, as Janet was shot multiple times.

In December, Kevin Matthews was wanted for a misdemeanor warrant. He was involved in a struggle with a Dearborn cop after a foot chase, when he was shot and killed. The Medical Examiner reported multiple gunshot wounds and ruled the death a homicide. Media reports say he was “on medication for schizophrenia.”

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