Are Women Hopeless?: Joe Blow

Saturday, September 28, 2002
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Are Women Hopeless?: Joe Blow writes a great rant on I don’t agree with all he says, and I say that because men are legitimately expected to have some common sense, awareness, culture, and class. At least that is what intelligent women expect. Honestly, if guys are going into their own little corners evening after evening, to do nothing but burp and watch Monday Night Football or Married With Children reruns, they ain’t gonna get top-notch ladies.

But he has some gems in here, like this: “Put ten male strangers together in a room, lock the door, and within 20 minutes they will be telling high school football stories and making plans to go hunting or fishing together. Try the same thing with ten female strangers and you will more than likely end up with a catfight on your hands.”

Yep! Ya gotta love it when women consistently put other women down – to others that’ll listen to their ninny-faced badgering. We know that reeks of neurotic insecurity, jealousy, and absolute hate of competition that other women supposedly pose to them. Smart and secure men are tired of hearing delusional, catty women rant on and on about every other woman who poses a threat to them by way of the others’ mere existence. I think Joe Blow is saying that womens’ generally high maintenance characteristics are getting to be just a little bit too much. So ladies, stop acting like you can’t find your way around the airport by yourself, and stop acting like you are too helpless to open up your email attachment. Smart guys tell me they get tired of that stuff.

See my article on catty chicks for more on the hopelessness of women…

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