Another Criminal of the Medical Establishment

Tuesday, August 6, 2013
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I’ve written often on the scams of Big Cancer, and how the medical establishment’s scaremongering has the purpose of securing lifetime patients and profitability, especially within the cancer industry.

Here is a very revealing (breaking news) story of yet another fraudulent agent of the medical establishment who has put human beings at risk in terms of their health and life for the sake of massive profits. This Detroit area Doc was a local “hero”, as represented by the media, for his high-visibility involvement in cancer treatment and a major cancer center.

A reminder that each of his patients, like most of the general masses, trusted their doctor because he or she had a paper degree from a paper-degree institution. They trusted this representative of Big Cancer who intentionally misdiagnosed patients as having cancer so that he could pass them off for high-profit cancer tests and invasive chemo treatments. Yes – he lied to people about having cancer, causing them complete upheaval in their personal lives, while they went off to dangerous chemo treatments that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Lives are ruined, and no matter what his criminal penalty, he will never pay the full price of his destruction.

Dr. Farid Fata is being charged, by the FBI, with the administration of unnecessary chemotherapy to patients. He lied about diagnoses. He kept patients on chemo “too long,” according to reports. He prescribed chemo to dying patients who should have been in hospice. He was allowed to destroy lives because the current medical scam system with 3rd party payment allows criminals like him to seduce and lie to trusting patients who think the Hippocratic Oath has traction. These adherents of the medical establishment also believe that The System is humane and it only exists to care for their health matters and benefit them. They are clueless, and they act shocked(!) when news like this erupts.

By the way, overhead camera shots showed Dr. Fata’s home compound in Oakland County to be a giganta-McMansion on steroids. Shocking!


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One Response to Another Criminal of the Medical Establishment

  1. jeannie queenie says:

    August 10th, 2013 at 4:12 pm

    “Dr. Farid Fata is the founder of the Swan for Life Cancer Foundation. The foundation offers support …., wellness…and workshops for cancer patients and their families.” AHH, isn’t that special, the sweet sounding name, Swan for Life? Harkens to birds in flight, white with promise…but this jizya joker is anything but a bird…more like a vulture feeding on the carcass of the system. Dr. Fata was scamming Medicare to the tune of $35 million. Farid (فريد) is an Arabic masculine personal name meaning “unique”. With the arrogance that arab men have in spades, he felt his ‘uniqueness’ allowed him to prey on others. A fit punishment would be to send him back to the desert with the other snakes who sneakily gather prey. Fata in Arabic means youth and nobility, hence, this moron felt that he was noble in his putrid practice of preying on others for his own greed. This doctor is Lebanese and not easy to tell if he is a muslim, but stories abound of moes coming in droves to med school here in the new England area. North of Boston finds 100′s of Saudi med students living in apts by the ocean. And Bama’s recent allowance of 10,000 Saudis getting green cards each month does not bode well. I had dental surgery done in Boston 25 years ago at the BU Dental School. Some arab kid managed to screw up on surgery and left my left side of face numb when he cut a nerve. School settled for little….I got 6,000 and lawyer got over 20 grand..and I had to promise BU that I would never sue in a courtroom..Upshot of that event was another arab dental student/actually a really good student, told me, “Jean, don’t worry, you are not the only one that so and so has screwed over.,….and you know what, despite his lousy work, BU will graduate him this spring…and he will head to California for work to screw over many more patients’. Arrrggh.

    Debbie S covers this topic with comments following article.

    This nurse in the video here who applied for a job in his office last year, is visibly upset at what she viewed in his office. Ck here.

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