And They Call it the “Freedom” Commission

Sunday, August 27, 2006
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Bush calls it the “Freedom Commission on Mental Health.” Could Rand’s Atlas Shrugged have been more accurate? How do people just sit there and swallow this horsecrap? Right out of Atlas Shrugged comes the news that

TeenScreen is now being administered in the nation’s public school system and children are being regularly diagnosed with one, or more, disorders chosen from the close to 400 listed in the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV” (DSM), also known as the psychiatric “Billing Bible.”

The list of mental disorders to chose from when diagnosing children mentally ill with TeenScreen, are “voted” into the Billing Bible by members of the American Psychiatric Association, and include, among others, conduct disorder, avoidant personality disorder, mathematics disorder, reading disorder, disorder of written expression, general anxiety disorder, nightmare disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, and factious disorder.

It’s no secret that Big Pharma gains many new customers this way, and the rest of us pay for it.

As an additional bonus to Big Pharma, Bush set it up the overall scheme so that tax payers will foot the bill for the implementation of the TeenScreen program. On October 21, 2004, he signed a bill into law that authorized $82 million to be spent over 3 years for programs like TeenScreen.

From there, the way the scheme is set up, if a child is diagnosed with a mental illness and the family can not afford the expensive regiment of psychiatric drugs, tax payers will fund the purchase of the drugs as well through public health care programs like Medicaid.

The article also mentions that Teen Screen is being pushed as part of a “suicide prevention” tool. Apparently, “kids are “flunking” TeenScreen all over the country. According to Anne Yates, from Colorado, when the program was piloted at two sites in that state, at the high school, ‘a whopping 50% were found to be at risk of suicide.’”

Don’t you see, you need government to keep your kid from jumping off a bridge. Government creates an apparent “crisis,” y’all believe it, they have a “solution” for you, and so you let ‘em diagnose your kid with a laughable mental disorder, you believe that too, and then you let them stuff potent drugs down your kid’s throat — but you don’t have to pay for it because your kid lands within this national program and thus has a “right” to receive “treatment.”

Big Pharma and Big Gov, together, one making a ton of moola, and the other taking control of its future generation of subjects. According to, this sham is being pushed into universal use worldwide. Kids are being screened even without a parent’s permission, of course. In fact, “TeenScreen offers movie rental and fast food coupons (such as $5.00 Blockbuster and McDonalds coupons) as incentives for the kids to participate in the screening program. Some school programs use pizza parties as incentives, barring students from the parties unless they participate.” They lure the kids with treats, like they would a dog.

Read this very useful (and heavily footnoted) website for info on the money trail. The key Nazi in all this, the driver of the TeenScreen scam, the guy who gets the big $$$$ from Big Pharma, is a Dr. Shaffer. No relation to our Dear Butler of course!

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