An Experiment in Percussion and Classical Music

Monday, January 21, 2013
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Evelyn Glennie, a deaf Scot, is one of the most unique percussionists in the world. She put on an amazing TED talk and demonstration some years ago where she talked about how listening transcends just listening with the ear. She uses her body to “hear music” and make interpretations. She doesn’t learn music – she experiences and interprets it. The New York Times has opined, “Her musicianship is extraordinary. One has to pause in sheer wonder at what she has accomplished. She is quite simply a phenomenon of a performer.”

Another TED talk from Benjamin Zander, a conductor of the Boston Philharmonic, showcases this wonderful and energetic speaker who talks about the transformative power of classical music. He uses notes to explain how a composer’s conveys emotion through music, and his keen sense of humor fully engages the audience, whether or not they understand classical music.

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One Response to An Experiment in Percussion and Classical Music

  1. jeannie queenie says:

    January 21st, 2013 at 8:31 pm

    How incredible that I just checked out your site Karen, and I have been listening over a half hour to a magnificent track of 100 pcs of Schubert.
    Not only music, but awesome visuals that put me in a mood to paint.
    The first piece on this 100 track is Schubert’s exquisite.
    Enjoy if you have the time to check it out.

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