An Evolution in Happiness

Sunday, January 4, 2015
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A wonderful Big Pharma lampoon from the Onion:

Gathering around the kitchen table to pick out their favorites, all four members of the Johnson household eagerly dug into a 38-piece AstraZeneca pill sampler that they received as a holiday gift, sources confirmed Friday.

Spoof aside, this reminds me of how far we have come from Bing to Bristol-Meyers Squibb in the age of advertising. This Whitman’s ad is from the early 1950s, with Der Bingle selling good times via a candy sampler and his smiling face, four spiritsed sons, and thoughts of sweetest day, minus a rent-seeking “Big Candy” industry. In the age of Big Pharma, these samplers are handed out by doctors and hospitals as generously as any candy sampler while the TV is splashed hourly with “ask your doctor about …” pharmaceutical ballyhoo. During one evening where we tried to watch some holiday television, we were bombed all night with pharmaceutical plugs where the visuals displayed the usual carefree and happy humans as the result of “asking their doctors” about yet another ‘legal’ drug being doled out by a controlled, oligopolistic, pharmaceutical-medical complex. I get a kick out of the Onion photo version of  the modern holiday sampler.  Thanks to Dan Moit for the Onion spoof.




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