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Tuesday, February 24, 2004
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Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist yesterday said one of his highest priorities this year would be passing legislation designed to eliminate racial disparities in health care.
Mr. Frist, Tennessee Republican, who also is a doctor, said the Closing the Health Care Gap Act would look to improve the overall quality of health care in several areas. He said the bill, if passed as submitted, will enhance education and research opportunities for minorities, increase access to quality care, improve data collection, create more opportunities for public-private partnerships and make permanent the Office of Minority Health at the Health and Human Services Department.
“We know that African-Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans die younger and suffer from heart disease, diabetes and HIV/AIDS at higher rates than everyone else. These numbers are unacceptable. We are beginning to understand the why, and as majority leader, I am going to address them,” Mr. Frist said.

Well surely, the “whys” are that this must be a conspiracy against minorities. We must remedy it, of course.

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