A Totalitarian System, Another Day, a New Committee, More Oppressive Decrees

Sunday, May 27, 2007
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According to the assorted nazis, nannies, and busybodies, too many people smoke – almost 21% of the adult population. Thus the government must stop the spread of smoking.

A combination of increased excise taxes, nationwide indoor smoking bans, and other measures would significantly lower the U.S. smoking rate, which now hovers at around 21 percent of the adult population, says a new report from the Institute of Medicine. But to achieve faster, more certain reductions, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should be given broad regulatory authority over tobacco marketing, packaging, and distribution, and other revisions to current tobacco policy should be enacted, said the committee that wrote the report.

Yet another committee – from the fascist busybodies at the Institute of Medicine - has recommended the following:

- Increasing the federal excise tax on cigarettes substantially, and boosting taxes in states with lower rates to achieve greater parity in prices nationwide and thwart interstate smuggling.

- Dedicating $15 to $20 per capita annually of the proceeds from higher taxes or other resources to fund tobacco control efforts in each state.

- Imposing smoking bans in all nonresidential indoor settings nationwide, including restaurants, bars, malls, prisons, and health care facilities.

- Requiring all public and private health insurance plans to make coverage of smoking cessation programs a lifetime benefit.

- Licensing retail outlets that sell tobacco products.

- Launching additional efforts aimed at curbing youth interest in smoking and access to tobacco, including bans on online sales of tobacco products and direct-to-consumer shipments.

- Changing federal law to give FDA authority to regulate tobacco products, including powers to restrict how they can be marketed.

- Limiting tobacco advertising and promotional displays to text-only, black-and-white formats.

- Prohibiting tobacco companies from using misleading terms such as “mild” and “light.”

- Requiring new, large pictorial warnings on the harmful effects of smoking — similar to those required in Canada — on all cigarette packs and cartons.

- Developing a plan for gradually reducing the allowable nicotine content of cigarettes.

And here’s my favorite committee recommendation: “Remove federal restrictions on state laws so that states are free to supplement federal regulations with more stringent measures to suppress smoking.” So does that mean states are then free to do away with the feds rules and regs? Of course not! Methinks that’s been tried before, and presidents and federal judges haven’t been too happy about it. Make sure you order your copy of the national blueprint for behavior control today.

Thanks to the non-smoking, authoritarian-hating Ms. Muscles for the link.

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