A Note on Hate Mail

Monday, June 30, 2003
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Another comment on hate mail because I think maybe those of you who don’t get reader mail may find this rather funny. Here’s an unbelievable scenario that gets repeated over and over, and I’ve talked to a couple of other LewRockwell.com writers who can attest to having the same experiences.

I’ll get an email – like I did the other day – that says: “Dear Miss De Coster, you must be so full of hate to have written blah, blah, and you don’t know what you are talking about. You are a !@#$%^&*, and, in addition, my daughters have read your piece and agree with me that you are a @#$%^&*. And by the way, the photo of you on your website looks like !@#$%^&*, and you talk like a !@#$%^&*, so, in my opinion, you can !@#$%^&*. And your horrible website reflects that [insert a 500-word psychoanalysis]. And did I mention I hate your !@#$%^&* photo?”

Now, 95% of these mails get deleted instantly. But when some of these nutbags leave themselves open to the big, sinking hit, and I’m feeling a little frisky on top of that, I hit back. So I say: “Dear Sir, you are a !@#$%^&* and so are your daughters. And your photo must be pretty ugly, or I’m sure you would have sent it to me…….Have a nice day.” Now keep in mind I purposely use the same tone and the same words.

Then, 100% of the time – not 80%, and not 50% – I get back a letter stating: “How dare you talk to me like that! And you call yourself a respectable commentator? No mature adult would dare blah, blah, and you madam are !@#$%^&*! Your tone and language is inexcusable……yada, yada….”

This is the honest-to-goodness truth. I’m believing less and less in the ability of the human race, as a whole, to “get it.”

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