A Hero Passes On

Tuesday, April 26, 2005
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Today, I got the news that a great man passed away on Sunday. Detroit-area talk show host Mark Scott was anti-mob (anti-democracy) and pro-liberty, and he was a libertarian, Randian, individualist, revisionist, secessionist, anti-PC’er, and a radical for freedom.

I did his talk show and couldn’t have been more happy to be on the air with him, on his show, almost 20 years after this local hero of mine came across my AM dial. A friend said to me back in the 80s, about 20 years ago: “Some day you will be on Mark’s radio show as a guest.” And indeed I was. I just called that friend and told him how ironic it was.

Mark was nationally reknowned, but a local treasure. He did stints in NY and D.C., but found Michigan to be more accepting of his radicalism. So he came back from the depths of statism in D.C. and NY, and rewarded us here in Detroit with many more years of hellfire and killer instinct. He first came on the air in Detroit in the 80s, when I was a kid, and being the times were pre-Internet, pre-Mises Institute network, etc., he was nearly all I had back then: brilliant, tough, radical views, with the bite of Thomas Paine and the attitude of an anti-Federalist. Right up until his death, that man would fill a room as quickly as anybody I have ever seen.

Mark had Lew Rockwell on his show many times, and it was there, in 1991, that I came across Lew, the Mises Institute, and shortly afterwards, Murray Rothbard. What a blessing that was. Mark also had on his show various Austrians, Libertarians, Randians, and Fellow Travelers of Freedom. Til then, I thought I was a radical alone, except for Mark, of course. (And my Ayn Rand books.) Mark, indeed, changed the way people in this area look at government. Michigan’s LP was always one of the more successful state LP parties because of Mark. Southeastern Michigan is a bastion of radical libertarianism because of Mark. He started the fires burning over 20 years ago. No bullshit, no two-facing, no fuzzy and warm meandering: just straight up truth-and-guts, steadfastly driving a stake through any and all statism he came across.

He was incredibly good-looking, with the swagger of an honest man who loved to live life. I understand he was 69. He loved his martial arts training, gun training, healthy lifestyle, and physical fitness. Thus his death just shocks me.

He never got the due he deserved, and even in death, the local word of his passing has been nearly non-existent. The local news has barely touched on it. Shame on all of them. Mark, you blessed me and my rebellious nature with some of my earliest inspiration toward fighting the good fight. For years, your 3 hours a day on the radio filled my workday with the passion for truth. May you rest in peace, brother, and never, never, ever give up, just as you didn’t on this earth. You were, and are, loved.

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