A College Education: the World’s

Wednesday, February 12, 2003
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A College Education: the World’s Most Overblown Gimmick: From Ted Rall:

“You may be thinking: tough bananas. This is America. If you’re stupid enough to borrow more dough than the average Joe pays for a house to listen to men with bad beards expound on Proust, it’s your own overeducated fault that you’re stuck with the bills.

But that’s horse manure.

As more and more employers require college degrees, more and more people will seek them. During the age of advancing globalization, national leaders say, Americans need more education to compete. Moreover, student loans are big business. Citibank’s Student Loan Marketing Association, which holds outstanding student loans totaling $21 billion, recently announced that it turned a profit of $176 million last year, a 30 percent increase over 2001.”

Rall is exactly right. Higher education has become a scam for the government, universities, banks, and big business. It’s getting so that corporate America won’t even take on a 170-something IQ individual if they haven’t got themself some cheesy, worthless “General Business” or MBA degree from somewhere. So many bright, capable individuals, who could go into the workplace right out of high school and absorb a job role within months, are stuck in some dumbed-down college institution somewhere, sitting in collective groupthink with a bunch of mediocre students for four years, because corporate America DEMANDS that worthless piece of paper. Same for the older folks that go back to college. They do it because modern workforce hiring demands don’t give them a choice. Yes, a mind is a terrible thing to waste…..

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