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Fighting Obesity With Auto-Bulimia

Thursday, January 17, 2013 7:47 3 Comments

As if bulimia isn’t enough of a (very real) problem in society, we are now witnessing the insanity that results from the absolute lack individual self-education and accountability, as taught by the government schools: an automated bulimia inducer. This CBS story headline is not an Onion story, I assure you – “New stomach pump would send food from stomach straight to [...]

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Big Bariatric

Thursday, January 10, 2013 19:43 1 Comment

Like Big Cancer, Big Bariatric is going to be the next big profit center for the medical-pharmaceutical establishment. The medical fraudsters have been pushing the pseudo-science of bypass gastric surgery upon ignorant Americans who are desperate to lose weight as a one-stop solution – covered by medical insurance – as opposed to any real decisions to move voluntarily [...]

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Diabetes “Solved” the Easy, Expensive Way

Tuesday, April 3, 2012 10:47 2 Comments

Another study with garbage interpretations, and hailed by the media, claims that Type 2 diabetics are better off with bariatric surgery than simply changing lifestyle with changes in food and activity. The New York Times ran this headline: “Surgery for Diabetes May Be Better Than Standard Treatment.” Hilariously, CBS News ran the headline, “New study: Weight-loss [...]

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The Medical Establishment’s Newest Pseudo-Science

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 21:22 4 Comments

So now it’s being heavily implied that gastric bypass surgery is a useful tool for treating high cholesterol. Gastric bypass surgery can help lower cholesterol and improve the ratio of total cholesterol to HDL (good) cholesterol, according to a new study presented here at the 27th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Metabolic & [...]

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