Medical Hystericalism

Monday, October 19, 2009
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It is truly a sick development of the modern medical state. Women who are told they are at-risk for breast cancer choose major, invasive surgery, based on these risk conclusions, when they are perfectly healthy.

Lisa Siegmann’s annual mammogram in summer 2008 indicated she had nothing to worry about, but a simple blood test a few months later suggested the opposite.

The test showed Siegmann, 44, had up to an 85 percent chance of developing breast and ovarian cancers because of an inherited genetic mutation, so she chose to have a partial hysterectomy in January, followed by a double mastectomy and reconstruction in March.

During one of the operations, Seigmann’s surgeon found stage 0 breast cancer in three places on her left breast.

I wrote a little about this in a post from a few months ago. Now about these tests that indicate risk for breast cancer:

Cancer organizations recommend genetic counseling before and after the test, produced by Utah-based Myriad Genetics. During the past 13 years, the company has tested thousands of blood samples, and revenues have grown 50 percent in the last year, though the company declined to reveal details about the number of tests taken each year.

Myriad is the sole source of the test, for which it holds a gene patent — a controversial issue that is being challenged in federal court in New York by numerous medical groups, including the American Medical Association, which argue that granting a patent for a part of the human body impedes research and treatment.

So there is one company that can conduct the test, and it holds a patent to keep out competition? The tests are usually covered by insurance and they cost between $440 and $3,120. The story also states, “in May 2008, a study of 2,677 women from nine countries examined the preventive choices by women with either a BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 mutation. Of the 1,383 women without breast cancer, 248 — or 18 percent — had a double mastectomy…” U.S. women had the highest percentage of cancer-free women choosing to have a double mastectomy. That is not surprising.

Big Pharma and the medical establishment have managed to build a tremendous level of hysteria that has people lining up for quick solutions to complex problems that have yet to materialize. The trend is always toward the solution for the problem that you don’t have under the guise that it’ll prevent the problem that may have occurred at some point in your life. What kind of people request the removal of perfectly healthy organs because they are told that one test, developed and performed by one company, can predict their ability to live? Unfortunately, this sort of hystericalism/drama plays right into the hands of a public-schooled, emotional female trained to “listen to the experts” and take everything at face value while looking for the quickest shortcuts to “guaranteed” outcomes.

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