50% Tax Rates: Are Americans

Tuesday, September 10, 2002
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50% Tax Rates: Are Americans so damn complacent that they do not care they are being taxed into the poorhouse? Besides the most obvious taxes, we have the huge gas taxes, assorted hidden excise taxes, cigarette taxes, and the federal, state, and local taxes on our cable tv and phone bills that typically amount to 20-25% of the total bill. And, for those who travel, we get hit with the outrageous “tourist taxes” on hotels and car rentals. Here’s some hilarious numbers from a recent car rental inquiry made on behalf of a trip I was going to take, until the taxes priced me right out of the trip, most likely. It’s nearly a 50% tax rate:

Summary of your Vehicle Rental:
Vehicle: HYUNDAI SONATA or similar
Air Conditioned
Rate: Rate Code: L5
Base Rate: 158.15 USD for 5 days
Surcharge Summary: 38.06 USD
Taxes: 36.00 USD
Estimated Total Rate: 232.21 USD

Taxes are great for the economy, aren’t they?

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