$40,000 a year in tuition: learn how to make up your own reality

Friday, February 3, 2017

Imagine this. From the University of Michigan, that bastion of Diaper Pin logic, comes a “social justice art festival” for which the purpose of the event is, to quote: “The event aims to explore how art can used as a mechanism to promote social justice and/or change. The theme for this year is In Our Space: Using Art to Name Our Reality.”

“Name our reality” — you caught that, right? And you know those who are joining their cultural Marxist friends in making up their reality don’t have a clue as to the philosophical implications of such a statement.

And note the “make art not war” and “mind open” logo design. But when I press the buttons on these birds, on Facebook, concerning their Dear Obama’s eight years of stepping up the total warfare, bombing, droning, and murder-brown-people foreign policy, they unfriend me rather than face the facts. Making their own reality, indeed. What pitiful, spineless fools.

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