Stop Being Brainwashed on Fat

Saturday, July 18, 2015
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From the article “Why is the Federal Government Afraid of Fat?” from the New York Times.

This fear of fat has had far-reaching impacts, from consumer preferences to the billions of dollars spent by the military, government-run hospitals and school districts on food. As we argue in a recently published article in The Journal of the American Medical Association, 35 years after that policy shift, it’s long past time for us to exonerate dietary fat.

Except the authors get it wrong – the Federal Government is not afraid of fat, but the corporatocracy is. The Industrial Food Complex, which is heavily interwoven with and supported by government subsidies and health policies, is protecting its profits via political policy and special interest bullying. And government regulations, propaganda, and scientific disinformation has kept intact a prodigious fearmongering campaign to make the entire populace afraid of fat. As Michael Pollan has said,

If you are what you eat, and especially if you eat industrial food, as 99 percent of Americans do, what you are is “corn.”

The industrial system, upon becoming addicted to the steady stream of profit margins due to selling chemicals laced with a slight bit of food, embarked upon a massive campaign, along with government institutions, to change the entire landscape of how society will be fed. Pollan adds:

Corn is the keystone species of the industrial food system, along with its sidekick, soybeans, with which it shares a rotation on most of the farms in the Midwest. I’m really talking about cheap corn — overproduced, subsidized, industrial corn — the biggest legal cash crop in America. Eighty million acres — an area twice the size of New York State — is blanketed by a vast corn monoculture like a second great American lawn.

…Overproduction sooner or later leads to overconsumption, because we’re very good at figuring out how to turn surpluses into inexpensive, portable new products. Our cheap, value-added, portable corn commodity is corn sweetener, specifically high-fructose corn syrup. But we also dispose of overproduction in corn-fed beef, pork, and chicken. And now we’re even teaching salmon to eat corn, because there’s so much of it to get rid of.

Years ago, I was viciously attacked – by libertarians – for ramping up my own little war against the War on Fat. This is in spite of the fact that my case was, and is, the absolute free market position. But not all libertarians disagreed. See my recent interviews with Ilana Mercer on the fraudulent food pyramid (Part 1) and grain and the government-Big Agra alliance (Part 2).


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2 Responses to Stop Being Brainwashed on Fat

  1. George says:

    July 21st, 2015 at 6:16 pm

    And always pronounce the fructose in HFC with the short “u” because that rhymes with a word that describes it much better.

  2. hflcTom says:

    July 22nd, 2015 at 2:35 pm

    Great post.

    Eating more fat is the best thing I’ve done in my life.
    When I go to the butcher to buy some meat, they tell me “It is very lean, no fat at all”, and I say, “Damn it, then I’ll have to go to another butcher shop that actually has some fat in the meat they sell”. I use butter, lard, tallow and coconut oil to cook all my meat. I eat at least three egg yolks a day, sometimes more, although I toss most whites because I don’t like that much protein. I put cream in my veggies. Any fresh vegetable, leaf or fruit, is much more tasty with some real fat on it.

    No fear to fat or cholesterol or milk here.

    But I have found that many people try to manipulate others to be fearful of wheat, potatoes, sugar and fruit like banana, apple, grapes, kiwis. Granted, if one wants to lose pounds, you have to leave for a while all sweets and starches, and eat mostly fat, and some protein, but not too much. But to live with fear is a big mistake. And it is not only big corporations or governments the ones that try to lie to people. The good thing about a real free market is that liars do not have any power to force you to believe in their lies.

    I would start to worry if the Government would start to ban wheat and corn and to recommend people to eat mostly animal fat. Then I would know there is something wrong about animal fat. But as long as the government wants me to eat their cookies, candy, pasta, bread, tortillas or potatoes, I know I’m better off avoiding those things.

    Thank you, Government, for being such a great contrarian indicator!

    I recommend to the nutritionists and doctors who advocate high-fat low-carb diets to stop trying make their science and practices official Government policies or recommendations in many countries. Just leave people alone. Separate science and state, separate medical care and state. Just ask that the politicians to not mess around with these important things.

    Leave the market do its work: if people don’t want GMOs, or cheap corn that ends up being more costly in terms of doctor bills, or poor quality meat from sickly, malnourished animals that only eat grains, then let that be. Invest in something else, and don’t try to hedge your stupid investments with government protection.

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