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“It seems like you’re insinuating”… (The Insurgency in Dallas)

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I received a shrieking, cowardly email from someone at “” in response to my post yesterday on the killing of Alton Sterling. People often use these temporary emails for sending hate mail for which they do not have to back up, and instead, they can “hit send” and run the other way. Here’s his letter, in full: [...]

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Another Execution By Cop (In St. Paul)

Thursday, July 7, 2016 18:21 No Comments

Traffic stop – for a broken tail light on the vehicle. Another execution by a cop at point blank range in St. Paul. Right here, in this video, you see a bloodied man, Philando Castile, groaning right up until his death. Watch the cop, listen to his voice and words and his conversation with the [...]

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Executed by Cops

Thursday, July 7, 2016 13:38 No Comments

A black man was tasered (as the story goes now), held down by two thugs with badges, and summarily executed. Witnesses: “there was no gun in his hand.” According to the Washington Post and its Fatal Force ticker, thus far in 2016 killer cops have taken 505 lives by gunshot, as well as 990 in [...]

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Dead Seal

Thursday, July 7, 2016 13:20 No Comments

The insanity of the militarized mindset. The young man was intentionally drowned by psychopaths.

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Diversity Tyranny

Wednesday, July 6, 2016 13:33 No Comments

An indoctrination center in Manhattan where white kids are taught they are racists from the womb and not food given treats their “minority” peers are given because they are too “privileged” by birth. The Director of Diversity at the school claims that white infants “display signs of racism.” The modern illness called progressivism will be [...]

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