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Helmet Nazis and the Culture of Fear

Saturday, April 21, 2012 0:07 13 Comments

This is my article appearing on for April 21, 2012. ——————————————– I despise the Safety Nazis and the culture of fear they have created. Wear a helmet. Don’t go out when it’s too hot. Don’t leave your home when it’s too cold, and if you do, heed the 1,001 warnings. Be afraid at all [...]

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Kid Kontrol, or, Organized Insanity

Friday, April 20, 2012 11:14 No Comments

Whenever I see this intellectual debris being touted in the media and the self-declared childhood consulting community, I am reminded that America is becoming a wasteland of mind-numbing idiocy where the masses of mini-authoritarians are hell-bent on managing, planning, and dominating every aspect of human living. Children are usually the target of the totalitarians-at-large, and as [...]

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Searching for the Perfect Human Diet

Thursday, April 19, 2012 21:00 No Comments

Recently, I had the opportunity to watch the film, “In Search of the Perfect Human Diet,” a documentary by CJ Hunt, who went on a ten-year global search to explore anthropologial understandings of the dietary evolution of our species. The film chronicles Hunt’s ten-year search to find the perfect human diet. The film’s website describes the movie [...]

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Americanus Helpless Neuroticus

Thursday, April 19, 2012 6:55 1 Comment

An old-but-new scheme has landed upon the shores of the American Diet Wasteland: the feeding-tube-up-your-nose, drop-weight-quick weight loss plan for women who want to fool themselves for the one very expensive day of their life. A reader, Bill, writes me to say: Here’s the latest for those neurotic brides-to-be out there: the K-E Diet. As unbelievable as [...]

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The Smoking Police State

Thursday, April 19, 2012 6:21 1 Comment

Imagine the day when cops break through your door, and not because they suspect dope or other non-criminal “criminal” acts, but because a neighbor called the local police hotline to report smelling cigarette smoke? We’re almost there. The creep Bloomberg doesn’t want to “ban” you from smoking in your own apartment. He just wants to [...]

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“Ingredients” Documentary on Local Food Systems

Monday, April 16, 2012 20:42 1 Comment

Last night I watched an excellent documentary that is available for instant viewing on Netflix – “Ingredients.” The movie discusses the alternative food supply – locally grown food – that is essentially a backlash against the failings of the industrial food model. This is a terrific film that mostly focuses on farms in Oregon that supply [...]

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No Behaviour is a Disease

Sunday, April 15, 2012 14:18 1 Comment

A recent story on the CBC news website writes about ADHD and how younger children who lack maturity are having that lack of maturity misinterpreted as symptoms of ADHD, a neurobehavioural “disorder” that has been one of the great scams of the tyrannical psychiatry profession. Listen to Dr. Thoma Szasz on the tyranny of the [...]

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Life in a Bubble

Sunday, April 15, 2012 13:57 3 Comments

I am writing an article on the obsession with helmet safety and the culture of fear, and I came across this abomination – Thudguard. This product is the forever helmet for babies that is described as a “½ inch thick impact tested protective foam hat is designed to help absorb and reduce the impact of falls [...]

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Benefits of the Paleo-Primal Lifestyle and Great Health

Friday, April 13, 2012 20:19 18 Comments

Folks are well aware that I spend a lot of time, and words, hawking the paleo-primal lifestyle and its numerous benefits, especially for libertarian audiences. According to Mark Sisson, this lifestyle is “a broad, holistic approach to living and not simply a list for eating.” To me, living primally means I have adapted to the [...]

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PBS on the Industrial Food Machine

Friday, April 13, 2012 20:10 No Comments

PBS just ran an interesting episode of “America Revealed: Food Machine,” in which Yul Kwon explores how the industrial food machine manages to feed so many people through technology and engineering marvels. The show is mostly an endorsement of the food machine without delving into the politics of government intervention or the costs of the [...]

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