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Bear Stearns Downgrades General Motors, or, Watching the Wall Street Catfighting

Sunday, July 8, 2007 3:24 Comments Off

In a discussion about this downgrade with a friend, he notes: I saw this on The Nightly Business Report last night. What is hilarious is that Bear Stearns downgrades GM on the heels of Goldman Sachs’ “buy” recommendation. [Another thing we recently discussed.] What is notable is that Bear Stearns did not participate in the [...]

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Woe to the Vanquished

Saturday, July 7, 2007 22:02 Comments Off

Keith Olbermann “neuters” Bill O’Reilly on his newscast. Olbermann points out that O’Reilly, in defending Abu Ghraib during an interview with General Wesley Clark, noted in this October 2005 broadcast that “there have always been atrocities in war….” (O’Reilly was enraged that Clark had welcomed the release of photos from Abu Ghraib.) O’Reilly, amazingly enough, [...]

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Universal Health Welfare

Saturday, July 7, 2007 19:55 Comments Off

The National Review gets it partly right on this issue. Ok, so it gets only a few words right. That so many people do not have health insurance is a consequence of foolish government policies: regulations that raise the price of insurance, and a tax code that ensures that most people get their insurance through [...]

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Nationalizing the Wine Industry

Saturday, July 7, 2007 3:38 Comments Off

Since we know the monstrosities associated with government buildings, monuments, and state-built cars, surely then, we can imagine a Europe with a nationalized wine industry. Don’t laugh; the European Union’s top agricultural official is wanting to do just that. EU Farm Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel thinks that the state can spend money and market Europe’s [...]

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The American State and Terrorism

Friday, July 6, 2007 22:14 Comments Off

The Baltimore Sun: In the weeks and months after 9/11, when the Bush administration was paring back civil liberties through the cynically named Patriot Act and travelers were coping with what would become increasingly burdensome restrictions, fearful Americans were persuaded to accept the sacrifice in return for a greater measure of safety. But Jefferson would [...]

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Less Regulation Through More Central Planning?

Wednesday, July 4, 2007 6:59 Comments Off

New Yorkers refuse to believe that they are losing their place as the center of the financial world. Released last month, the MasterCard Worldwide Centers of Commerce Index, an analysis of the desirability of conducting business in 63 cities, ranks London number one based on six dimensions including the ease of doing business, financial flow

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Useful Idiots is What it is

Wednesday, July 4, 2007 6:30 Comments Off

Says Giuliani to his youthful worshippers: “If this is a one-issue election, it’s about remaining on offense against terrorists.” Giuliani received a standing ovation. Charles B. writes: “Rudy Giuliani gets great reception at Pat Robertson’s “university”(sic). And George Custer got a great reception at the Little Big Horn. The appropriate headline should have read, “Neocon [...]

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Fannie Mae: A New Deal Monstrosity

Tuesday, July 3, 2007 6:51 Comments Off

My new article is up on Fannie Mae: Another New Deal Monstrosity.

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When Swing Was King… was Lucky Strike

Monday, July 2, 2007 1:56 Comments Off

“So round, so firm, so fully packed. So free and easy…..” Once upon a time all of the big stars were linked to tobacco advertising. Here, Frank Sinatra sings Stardust, preceeded by a Lucky Strike commercial, and along with two huge LS logos behind the orchestra. Then of course there’s the sponsorship of Bing Crosby’s [...]

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“We’re fishing for the big bass today.”

Sunday, July 1, 2007 18:07 Comments Off

These sick bastards. In Delaware they are running “team radar” operations. These bozos are sitting in bucket trucks, in the trees, in order to extort monies from clueless citizen drivers. Thanks to Charles Everett for the link.

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