Dumbed Down Pizza?

Sunday, April 7, 2013
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Pizza Hut “crazy cheesy crust.” More dumbed-down infantilism for the adult masses. “16 semi-circles of cheese that can be pulled off and eaten separately” ?? And it ain’t just Americans.

Pizza Hut has also offered variations of the cheese-stuffed crust with pepperoni and other toppings hidden inside. Fast-food fanatics may also notice that the latest pizza has a similar shape to the chain’s “Crown Crust” pie that was introduced in the Middle East a year ago. That pie, which comes surrounded by mini-cheeseburgers, isn’t available in the U.S. but images of it have circulated widely online. In Japan and Thailand, Pizza Hut has also offered pizzas with hot dog-stuffed crusts.

I see images like this in my mind as I come across these peculiarities that are now becoming the norm.

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This is 31-year-old Stanley Thornton, who lives life as a baby. Surely Stanley would dig some cheesy crazy crust at a visit to his favorite place?

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