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Thursday, December 22, 2011
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Here is an energized piece from one of the most passionate members of the primal-paleo community, neurosurgeon Jack Kruse. See Wish #4. Indeed, authenticity is an essential part of character. To quote:

Day 4 Wish: Say what you believe and forget about political correctness. Happiness needs authenticity.  Read a column by Karen DeCoster.  Google her now.  You might hate or love her.  But I guarrantee you she will stir your emotion one way or another.  She is a difference maker.  She has learned to build this gift into her DNA.  We all need to embrace our authentic self.   The true you is aligned and congruent with your imprinted self image.  Why run from it?   Let the sun shine upon your thoughts.  Begin to understand that human nature is built upon what you can change and what you cannot about your own personality traits, learned behaviors, and your values, beliefs, sense of justice, needs, goals, and motives.  Learn this Christmas, how to begin to integrate these gifts to form your personal model for human interaction.  Then try to analyze the events, choices, and people who have contributed to your “life’s cage” throughout your life. Begin to understand that you own “the key” to open your cage’s door.  Understand what has guided you throughout your life and begin to follow your strengths and cut your losses early. Discover your signature strengths, and the basis of your true stature when you see yourself in your “psychological mirror”.   Then apply what you have learned about those signature strengths toward your authentic life’s goals this Christmas season. Become an authentic person by aligning your self image, your emotional stature, and your public image. People will see who you really are and will like you even when they disagree with you because you are congruent.

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