101st Airborne to Drop on Tennessee

Tuesday, September 29, 2009
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What’s wrong with this picture?

Once the areas are prepared for training, Soldiers will be flown to Troy (Tennessee) via helicopters from Fort Campbell and dropped onto multiple locations within the city, such as they would in a real-world, combat scenario. Once the helicopters land, Soldiers from 2-327 will exit the aircraft and conduct the training exercise to clear each pre-determined building based on the scenario. There will be four different objective areas.

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One Response to 101st Airborne to Drop on Tennessee

  1. clark says:

    September 29th, 2009 at 12:50 pm

    “…real-world, combat scenario… clear each pre-determined building… The Soldiers are conducting the training in order to provide them with pertinent realistic training…” – “Pertinent”? It appears as though they are training to assault American cities and American households, doesn‘t it? Those guys complaining about the Census Bureau having sinister intentions using GPS to map every household were not wildly off base, were they? Is the military getting ready to treat the country the same way they treated the people in the city of Pittsburg, by placing cities and households under siege? …For flu shot resistance of their families and their children, for resisting giving up their guns and/or ammunition or failing to register their weapons and pay huge amounts of fees for the privilege of gun ownership, or for not giving their paychecks up to pay for the health care of others? Among so many other possible reasons Americans might resist. The government does have a bad track record in this area going back decades and decades. I saw this somewhere, it seems somewhat applicable: “They say justice is blind. What they don’t mention is that justice is also deaf, mentally retarded, and for sale to the highest bidder.” Do you think that applies to All government? Makes one wonder.

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