The Highway Surveillance State

Sunday, August 2, 2009
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Here’s a good column about the government’s spy camera tyranny in Arizona. The columnist, Patrick Bedard, points out that the only goal of Arizona’s surveillance state is bringing in the dough. Insurance companies have been lobbying for the photo ticket program so it would add points to driving records, thereby giving insurance companies the opportunity to jack up rates based on points. Easy money, or so they thought. In order to placate the angry (and sometimes violent) masses who are hit heavy by the costs of both the tickets and the insurance rates, these tickets have been made “pointless” – there will be no points to driving records. As Bedard notes, that ought to keep ‘em quiet.

Just hand over the dough, and nobody gets hurt. This gambit was promoted by American Traffic Solutions, one of the private “scamera” contractors, on the notion that it might improve the program’s odds of political survival. The voters might not kick up a fuss if one check made the problem go away forever.

I must admit that I am overjoyed each time I hear of some citizen taking a vicious tool to one of these intrusive, unconstitutional devices and leaving it in a state where it is mechanically challenged. That’s the type of passion that will be needed when it’s time to dust off one’s inner rebel and take a major stand.

Here’s a great, police state-worthy quote from the article: “Any type of tampering with a photo-enforcement site can result in extremely serious, life-changing charges being filed against a person.” Thanks to Rebel Rob for the link.

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