BMI (Body Mass Indicator) is a Tool of the Medical Corporatocracy

Thursday, January 4, 2018
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I’m surprised when I see libertarian-ish types uphold the Body Mass Index (BMI), a very controversial health indicator, as an “accurate estimator of health status and disease risk” (said one blogger). BMI was a simplistic tool that evolved as insurance actuaries tried to understand the relationship between increasing weight/obesity of policyholders and mortality. It was developed in the early 19th century to assemble statistics on causes of death, and it was the bastard Ancel Keys that used it in the modern era to vindicate his bastardization of science. After that, BMI became a tool of the medical-pharmaceutical-industrial-governmental complex as a means to enrich their politicized, rent-seeking agendas at the expense of ignoring real health markers.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC), two evil and criminal government organizations, have since corrupted that already-useless statistic to the point where it has become a determinant in how individual health is perceived, diagnosed, and treated (read: drugs and government-funded, science-less “evidence-based medicine”). So yes, it has become a tool of the corrupt and profiteering corporatocracy. Without a body fat measurement (or knowledge of hip-to-waist ratio and body fat placement, such as the midsection/visceral fat), BMI is nothing more than a somewhat useful indicator at a very high level.

Multiple studies have already shown large percentages of “high-BMI” individuals to be *healthy* when measured by other, more redeeming health metrics. Trotting out the BMI as meaningful and scientific is an unenlightened defense of the governmentized medical establishment.


Debate must acknowledge the reality of the oppressed

Thursday, January 4, 2018
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The Wall Street Journal notes the thesis is hard to follow, but I’d argue that the title is impossible to follow: “Civility and White Institutional Presence: An Exploration of White Students’ Understanding of Race-Talk at a Traditionally White Institution” is an article in the Howard Journal of Communications. Writing for WSJ, Steve Salerno explains:

But their core contention is twofold: One, that civility, as currently practiced in America, is a white construct. Two, that in a campus setting, the “woke” white student’s endeavor to avoid microaggressions against black peers is itself a microaggression—a form of noblesse oblige whereby white students are in fact patronizing students of color. Not only that, but by treating black students with common courtesy and expecting the same in return, white students elide black grievances, bypassing the “race talk” that is supposed to occur in preamble to all other conversations. Got it?

Civility, when it comes from people of whiteness, is deemed racist and patriarchal. Salerno also explores how, in the current environment of all-race-all-victim-all-the-time, the core concepts of debate are being entirely tossed in favor of lived experience and feelings.

Federalized Cars

Sunday, June 18, 2017
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Because the US government is so good at legislating the market and paving a path for special interests via federal mandates and laws blocking states and localities.

In a victory for autonomous vehicle developers, a new Republican plan seeks to clarify where state and federal jurisdiction begins and ends regarding self-driving cars…,” Lindland said.

…We haven’t been going for the headlines, but we’ve trying to bring everybody together to make sure that we remain at the forefront of innovation,” Dingell, who is a member of the panel, said in an interview with The Detroit News. “We can’t let India and China get ahead of us on this.

Since US Exceptionalism dictates that America is simply the best, the vision for federally-mandated markets shall not be stopped. Sort of like the renewable energy strategy.

CATO Loves Welfare

Monday, June 12, 2017

I never signed any contract at all – let alone a “social” one – but somehow, I am expected to sign a “new” social contract to amend the one I never signed in the first place. In the video within the article, that Zucker guy says that we should have a society that measures progress by the “meaningfulness” of our role in life. We are led to believe, by that Zucker guy, that a universal basic income (UBI) will provide a cushion for all of those entrepreneurial welfare types to “try new ideas.” Cato’s Michael Tanner likes the idea, and he adds this:

Looking for the next big political idea? How about this: Let’s scrap our entire social welfare system, including all of our anti-poverty programs, unemployment insurance, Medicare and even Social Security. In its place, just send every American a no-strings-attached check for enough money to ensure that no one falls below the poverty line

…For those who believe in getting government out of people’s lives, a UBI would also be far less paternalistic, expecting the poor to budget and manage their money like everyone else.

Tanner thinks that replacing the web of contradictory welfare programs with UBI will somehow correct the “incentive” problem, thus promoting work, marriage, and savings amongst a high-time preference sect of the population that will never think beyond today or tomorrow, no matter how much the amount of the “check” that you plop into their hands. But Tanner didn’t seem to opine on Zucker’s amazing, new theory that the welfare class is the undiscovered entrepreneurial class.


A Triple Self-Defense?

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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Another successful defense of the castle. By all appearances, it seems to be a home invasion with no connection between the homeowner and the suspects. Yet the press prints this (note the comparison):

“This is a triple homicide. We want to make sure we cross all our t’s and dot our i’s. We need the maximum amount of information before filing charges… Hopefully, as we go forward, we’ll see whether the facts meet the law,” Thorp said during the press conference.

The AR-15 was the weapon used in mass shootings such as Newtown, the Aurora movie theater in Colorado and San Bernardino.

No Commie Shake for Donald

Saturday, March 18, 2017
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The Trump-Merkel no-handshake is driving the media and the statist know-nothings insane.

Making the presidency irrelevant again. Now that’s progress.

Folks on Facebook and YouTube are commenting with the perfectly predictable, “he’s so arrogant and disrespectful” …

“Arrogant and disrespectful”? But if Trump played the game (politics) with a fake smile and a wimpy handshake, he’d be a good guy … have I got that right? This is the result of collective government schooling churning out obedient round pegs for their mandatory round holes.

The Child Planners

Saturday, March 18, 2017
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The sickness of the control-freak, child central planners who want to structure every damn second of every child’s day under the guise of “safety” or “development” or “physical activity.” To quote:

As many schools reduce or even eliminate recess time for students, the CDC has issued guidelines: planned activities are ideal rather than simply sectioning off time for play.

Here’s a comment that ought to get the attention of folks: “Sometimes kids may be out for recess but they’re not being active,” said Michelle Carter, senior program manager of SHAPE America. “SHAPE America” is Newspeak claptrap. How is “active” defined? Perhaps smart or inquisitive children – or introverts – would rather spend time alone identifying plants, bugs, or collecting cool rocks rather than taking part in collective play sessions that are of no interest to them.

Wisconsin Butter Politics: Making the Competition Illegal

Tuesday, February 21, 2017
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Butter interests in the state of Wisconsin are forcing out the competition with a “butter grading” law, and Kerrygold consumers are fuming all over social media. A Kerrygold butter seller in Wisconsin can be subject to a fine of $1,000 or 6 months in jail.

The issue here is an obscure state law from the 1970s that requires all butter sold in Wisconsin to be tested by a panel of experts and issued a letter grade for quality.

As a butter made in Ireland, Kerrygold is not graded in the U.S.


Bankrolling NATO

Tuesday, February 21, 2017
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Daniel McAdams from the Ron Paul Institute on the “oncoming clash” and provoking Russia.

A Cookie Dough Bubble?

Tuesday, February 21, 2017
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Sometimes you can sell anything in a bubble environment. Like cookie dough “treats.”

It’s a “sensation.” Lines all around the block in NYC, and the place “can barely keep up.” Note near the end of the video: the customers are all 20-something females taking selfies while eating their cookie dough. The targeted demographic is clear. Here’s the store website, and here’s a place where you can get cookie dough at retail stores.