Re: Size Matters . . . [and corporate response to government inflation]

Sunday, November 29, 2015
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This is an add-on commentary to Tom DiLorenzo’s blog post on


Tom, your point on inflation and how product sizes are chopped to mask price increases due to government inflation has been a huge marketing challenge for companies, especially over the last five years post-meltdown. I wrote this piece in 2011 (“Why Blame Corporations for Inflation?”) in response to an April 2011 article by the Inflation Street Journal that deemed inflation pressures to be “subdued” because economic indicators cited only took into account price trends, and, as you said, they completely ignore packaging downsizing trends as companies try to protect profit margins in an era of creeping inflation and other economic uncertainties.

Your link to the Tyler Durden article in Zero Hedge is acutely interesting, and that’s because I called out Mr. Durden in 2011 for an article he wrote in 2010 where he somewhat blames Walmart for “penny pinching” to “mask inflation.” He also points the finger at retail stores for “price masking gimmicks” even though he clearly seems to understand that the downsizing in packaging is an adjustment for inflation. He cites an example of Walmart brand coffee and writes that he is “confident this is not an isolated ploy to pass on surging input prices.”

Word usage here (“ploy,” “mask,” and “gimmicks”) tells me that Durden was confused in 2010 and he has since evolved his understanding of using product packaging and marketing to escape the ravages of government inflation. A marketing example being products that are labeled “concentrated” or “super concentrated” in trying to convince consumers that they can use less of the product (such as detergent or fabric softener) and still have the same – or better – results.

Other bloggers back during that time were also placing blame on corporations, with one in particular, the Modern Survival Blog, using the phrase “corporate scheming, trimming, squeezing, downsizing, profit optimizing…” It’s peculiar that these individuals who understand government policy and inflation would also, in the same breath, blame companies for not being willing to give a huge advantage to their competitors by leaving size untouched and instead attach escalating prices to their products. Perhaps those folks need a couple of years in a corporate finance department working in accounting operations, management accounting, and financial reporting.

The industry I work in is such that our products are not so “touchable” and are more service-based, thus we can’t reduce packaging. Instead, executives and managers are constantly challenged to find ways to offer insurance that lowers coverage and reduces cost; makes services performed by health partners more efficient; and offers cost-cutting buyers such as groups and individuals myriad benefit options, such as larger deductibles and co-pays, to avoid the rise in costs. But the whole healthcare industry in the age of ObamaCare is challenged well beyond inflation in terms of its spiraling costs. And the auto industry – where I used to work in Finance groups – has a similar challenge in dealing with the government’s green-environmental and safety mandates.

Puppy Love Becomes Sexual Harassment

Monday, November 16, 2015
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The religion of feminist-political correctness has created a nation of perpetually-offended imbeciles who cannot – will not – ever comprehend life without entitlement and victimology. The fact that this 9-year-old boy’s love note became a news headline mentioning “sexual harassment” indicates an Idiocracy gone wild.

21st Century Regulation

Monday, November 16, 2015

As quoted from “the White House“:

“To help our economy grow to its full potential, we need to create a 21st century regulatory system.”

The John Locke Foundation calls this White House report “a case for significantly curtailing occupational licensing in North Carolina and elsewhere” and “a major boost” from the White House. In fact, this report is chock-full of support for continued government management of licensure and professions. If this meaningless, definition-less puffery gets past these folks without a single utterance of “WTF?”, they have a very broken Stupid Indicator.

Optimist-Pessimist-Rape Culture Feminist

Saturday, November 7, 2015
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Imaginary “Violence” = Real Punishment

Thursday, November 5, 2015
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Another real satire from indoctrination nation: a 6-year-old boy was suspended from school for “shooting another student” with an imaginary bow and arrow while pretending to be a Power Ranger. Quote:

“I have no tolerance for any real, pretend, or imitated violence. The punishment is an out of school suspension,” a letter from the principal read.

Of course, the real anti-violence in the schools is holding (not pretending) bake sales and other collections for the military overseas so they can forcibly displace elected officials through acts of war for the purpose of keeping us free.

Another Great Retro Move

Wednesday, November 4, 2015
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Not that it’s going to save Kmart from the dustbin, but the Blue Light Special is back for the first time since the retailer went bankrupt in the early 2000s.

Latest Victims of “Hate”

Wednesday, November 4, 2015
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Unhinged, pervert males who want to forcibly invade the locker rooms/bathrooms where women peacefully go about their female business under the cloak of gender self-recognition. The Southern Poverty Law Center, along with other left-wing violators, are lamenting those horrid people in Houston who said hell no to Proposition 1 – excuse me, the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance. And these sick Social Justice Warriors will claim, with all seriousness, this is Transphobia.

If it were me, and a male entered a lady’s sphere while I was using the space, physical removal would be the result. But that’s just me.



Southern Poverty Law Center tweets.

Another Confederate Purge

Wednesday, November 4, 2015
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In the U.S. Capitol building, the statue of General Edmund Kirby Smith will be hauled away and potentially replaced with a statue of a feminist-environmentalist-social justice warrior.

Behavior – Accountability = Disorder

Wednesday, November 4, 2015
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Lies + Intended Consequences + Obedient Masses = one of the worst, ongoing tragedies of our time: the ADHD hoax. But remember, a child can also be diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) or Conduct Disorder (CD), if ADHD is not observationally applicable. One can say that ADD was the most convenient gateway to an assortment of behaviors that became individual profit centers for the medical-pharmaceutical-psychiatric complex.

Southern Poverty Law Center Identifies Racist Sleeper Cells

Thursday, October 29, 2015
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It’s not really SPLC, but you could’ve fooled me. This article in the National Journal, “The Black-White Sleep Gap,” tells the tale of well-funded researchers setting out to “com­pare how blacks and whites ex­per­i­enced slow-wave sleep” in their quest for racial justice, and it is written that “what they found was disturbing.” It seems that blacks don’t sleep as well as whites, and as “a matter of public health,” researchers needed to find out why. Among other things, it seems that more discrimination = less sleep.

People who are dis­crim­in­ated against, she be­lieves, carry worry throughout the day. And that worry lit­er­ally keeps them up at night. “It’s un­com­fort­able for them to sleep be­cause they are think­ing back over mis­treat­ment, think­ing back over mal­treat­ment, think­ing back over bi­as they ex­per­i­enced,” she says. “In think­ing about those ex­per­i­ences, they are get­ting more aroused, more cog­nit­ive arous­al, which does the op­pos­ite of what you need it to do to go to sleep.”

And there’s also “racial disparity” when it comes to sleep apnea. As predicted, the entire piece begs for public policy intervention to close the gap in sleep. So now, even sleeping well is considered white privilege. #WhiteSleepMattersNot.

Credit to Larry Pater Beane for the blog title.